DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 1 Port Media Converter DM-1001

Industrial POF Media Converter

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 2 Port Media Converter DM-1002

Industrial 2-Port POF Media Converter / Switch

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical FibrePOF 4 Port Switch DM-1004
Industrial POF 4-Port Switch
DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 8 Port Switch DM-1008
Industrial POF 8-Port Switch


Following Ethernet's successful uptake in the commercial sector, industry has embraced Ethernet as a proven networking standard.

Process control applications and real-time control systems increasingly operate on industrial ethernet networks. Ethernet is a high-speed gateway linking SCADA systems directly to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs). Protocols such as Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP and ProfiNet are now integral features in many process control products. Di Moto's products connect your network to the factory floor

As these Ethernet based networks reach further out onto the factory floor, and down into the heart of process control systems, there is an increasing requirement for robust physical layer implementations that minimise deployment costs.

EoPOF presents system integrators, engineers and site managers with two major and compelling advantages for networking solutions: reliability and ease of deployment.

DiMoto's Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre solutions provides typical optical comms data reliability and quality of service with the unique benefit of being much easier to terminate and install compared to glass optical fiber, shielded twisted pair and even standard unshielded twisted pair systems.

With minimal training required and D.I.Y. simplicity, a much greater cross-section of onsite technical staff can be empowered to modify networks and, more importantly, repair and restore connectivity in the case of physical damage.

Benefits of EoPOF in the industrial environment include:

POF is completely immune to effects of EMI/RFI

Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Inteference is a common problem in copper based Ethernet. Unfortunately, many devices found in the industrial and manufacturing environments are notorious sources of interference (e.g. arc welders, switching relays and AC drives).

DiMoto's Plastic Optic Fiber based system is completely immune to interference. There is no requirement to route data lines away from noise sources or requirement for shielding (and hassles associated with ensuring correct grounding to prevent introducing secondary issues.).DiMoto's products can be used in the power industry

POF provides galvanic isolation

Ground potential variations can be a common cause of link and even equipment failure in copper based Ethernet systems. With only plastic (POF) joining the end points, DiMoto's EoPOF range provides full galvanic isolation and completly eliminates ground potential issues.

Lighting Protection

As the requirement connectivity extends out onto the factor and machine floor, integrators are often faced with the problem of providing connectivity to isolated buildings. DiMoto's EoPOF solutions provides a solution for without introducing opporutnities for lightning damage.

Installation Cost and Uptime

Whether it is for the manufacturing, mining, transport, construction or service industries, EoPOF can be used in new installations of network infrastructure, or retrofitted to existing cable networks.

Affordability is a major consideration in any infrastructure expenditure. EoPOF is significant more cost effective to install: termination and connection can be completed without the need for specialist machinery or expertise and uptime can be improved with faster network repair after damange due to simplicity and large cross section of technicians able to terminate POF.

See the light and take advantage of the benefits of EoPOF for industrial networking.