Commerical Grade Datasheets

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre Slimline Media Converter

POF Slimline Media Converter

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF PCI Adapter DM-PCI

POF PCI Network Card

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF USB Ethernet Adapter DM-USB

POF USB Ethernet Adapter

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF Media Converter DM-1001-C

POF Media Converter

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 2 Port Media Converter DM-1002-C

POF 2-Port Media Converter / Switch

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 4-Port Switch DM-1004-C
POF 4-Port Switch
DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 8-Port Switch DM-1008-C DM-1008-C
POF 8-Port Switch

Industrial Grade Datasheets

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 1 Port Media Converter DM-1001

Industrial POF Media Converter

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 2 Port Media Converter DM-1002

Industrial 2-Port POF Media Converter / Switch

DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical FibrePOF 4 Port Switch DM-1004
Industrial POF 4-Port Switch
DiMoto Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre POF 8 Port Switch DM-1008
Industrial POF 8-Port Switch


Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization



DiMoto's EoPOF networking system combines robust Plastic Optical Fibre (POF), high performance resonnant cavity LED technology (RCLEDs) and the interoperability and standardisation of Ethernet local area networking protocol.

DiMoto's EoPOF systems operate at 100Mbits/s at over 70meters.

Advantages of DiMoto's EoPOF

DiMoto's EoPOF system offers the key advantages of optical communications without the drawbacks associated with time consuming and complex termination.

Electromagnetic immunity

Galvanic Isolation

Rapid plugless bare fibre termination

Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) - Basics

As the name suggests, Plastic Optical Fibre or POF, is constructed from a highly transparent poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) core. PMMA is commonly known as acyrlic or perspex.Optical Fibre

While different sizes are available, the optical core is typically 1mm in diameter. Both step index (SI) and graded index (GI) formats are available with SI being recommended in DiMoto's EoPOF systems.

The optical core is coated in a protective plastic cladding (fluorinated polymer) producing a complete fibre with a 2.2mm diameter. Two individual 2.2mm fibres are joined to produce a zipcord suitable for full duplex operation (separate fibres for Rx and Tx).

Standard POF is:

Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) - Termination

The large core diameter of POF also relaxes required alignment tolerances when terminating and eliminates the need for polishing. This permits bare fibre to be terminated without the requirement for connectors and simple tools can be used for cutting and finishing the fibre.

A high performance razor blade cutting tool is included with all DiMoto products and the termination process is so simple and intuitive that little or no training/instruction is required.

Your first termination will take a minute, your next, seconds!

Resonnant Cavity Light Emmitting Diodes (RCLEDs)

DiMoto's product range features high performance Resonnant Cavitiy Light Emmitting Diodes (RCLEDs) operating in the visible 660nm (Red) wavelength.

RCLEDs offer all the attractive features of a conventional LED technology (reliability and lifetime), plus high speeds, high temperature operation, and superior coupling efficiency into optical fiber due to a compact optical output.

In addition, operation in the visable spectrum significantly simplifies installation and debugging of network links. The visible red light at the end of the fibre can be used to quickly check if a link is good and ensures correct fibre orientation when terminating.

The RCLED light sources used in DiMoto's products have been independently certified as Class 1 devices. Class 1 devices are designated as eye safe under all conditions of normal use and under foreseeable failure modes.

Ethernet and Interoperability

Ethernet is a family of frame-based computer networking technologies for local area networks. Ethernet is the dominant standard in commercial local area networks and is increasingly gaining dominance in industrial and process control networks.

Encoding of data over the POF link in the DiMoto EoPOF system complies with the 802.3u 100Base-FX standard. In addition, DiMoto's media converters are fully compliant with the 802.3u 10Base-T/100Base-TX copper standards, providing interoperability with all compliant network switches, routers, hubs, computers, laptops, printers and other network devices and peripherals.

EoPOF, streaming data and process control

Most protocols which run over local area networks are two-way communications with error correction. A packet that doesn't arrive on a computer network connection can be re-sent and data can be reassemled into the correct order independent of arrival time.

Typical multicast streaming data protocols used for IPTV are real-time, one-way data streams. Lost packets cannot be recovered and will degrade video quality. DiMoto's EoPOF system can reduce data corruption and improve performance of streaming video connections.

In process control environments reliable, error free, real-time data is vital to safety and operation of machinery. EoPOF provides a superior level of data integrity compared with standard copper cabling, avoids the grounding issues associated with shielded twisted pair and is significantly easier to install, and more robust, than glass optical fibre.

DiMoto's EoPOF research and development

DiMoto's research and development team continues to explore opportunities to expand the performance envelope of EoPOF. Active projects include Gigabit EoPOF and longer reach EoPOF systems.

Watch this space!

Advantages of EoPOF over glass optical fibre:

Fast installation:

POF can be easily pulled through congested or small cable ducts
Easy termination: No polishing or specialist machinery is required to terminate
Robust: POF cable is more durable and flexible than glass, with half the bend radius
Simple, safe connection test: A 660nm red LED, safe to the naked eye, is a visual cue for a connected device


Advantages of EOPOF over Twisted Pair:

Electrical immunity:

POF is immune to electromagnetic interference, crosstalk and noise

Electrical isolation:

Networking devices are electrically isolated


POF cable diameter is approximately 50% less than TP, perfect for where space is at a premium


POF is approximately 4 times lighter than Cat5e.

Fast termination:

Termination can be completed with simple tools


POF withstands greater vibration

Easy installation:

Can be placed next to power sources

Simple connection test:

A 660nm LED light source is a visual cue for a connected device

Greater security:

POF cable is difficult to tap without being detected

Zero radiation:

No generation of electromagnetic radiation

Quality of service:

Particularly for high demand triple play services of video, data and voice streaming

Greater installation opportunities:

POF can be installed in new building connections where TP is not possible due to existing infrastructure constraints

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